The 11th Ural Regional Japanese Speech Contest

Today, a Japanese speech contest was held at the Ural Federal University.
This time it was a speech contest targeting not only the city of Ekaterinburg but also the entire Ural region, so it became bigger than before.
I have participated in this contest as a judge up to now, but four students from the Japanese language center where I am working, participated in this contest this time, so I entered the venue to support them, not as a judge.
They are very wonderful students who often come to my Japanese conversation club and calligraphy class.
On this day, I strongly wanted them to be able to put out all of their abilities, and one of them accomplished a feat!

Ksenia won the championship!!! Congratulations!!!
She received a two-week study abroad in Japan as a prize. She was truly amazing!!!
The winning Ksenia talked about the vast and beautiful Ural's nature.
Her speech was perfect.

And the other three students made a wonderful speech.

Stepan talked a very interesting story that Ural is a region where engineering is thriving. He could not win this time, but he got a very high reputation from the judges, because his speech was ingenious.

Alfia talked about the historic old buildings remaining in Ekaterinburg. It was a good speech that her passion for the beautiful buildings were conveyed to the listeners.

Liuba talked about the character of the people living in the Ural region. She analyzed the personality of Ural people through books set in the Ural region that she read in the past, which was a very interesting speech.

Their speech was truly amazing. I am proud of them sincere!!!

Many participants made a speech at the contest and Japanese style entertainments were held.
Here are the pictures of those.

They were moderators.

My husband participated in the contest as a judge. His profession has nothing to do with Japanese language education, but since there are very few Japanese living in this town, we are cooperating as much as possible to the events related to Japan.

He is Mr. Uzawa who has been dispatched from Japan as a Japanese teacher at this university since last year. He is an interesting teacher who makes very unique classes. He is popular with his students and very active.

Japanese students coming here at language exchange studies made a speech
in Russian. Both of them were very good!!!

She is a student from Chiba University in Japan and she came here to introduce the University.

Japanese teachers sent cheering messages in Russian to the participants. It was very wonderful!

This is the award ceremony of the video work category. The ranking was decided by the vote of more than 100 people in 51 countries.

This is the award ceremony for the intermediate level category.

This is the award ceremony for the advanced category.

I knew later that Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company was coming into the contest. And my husband who was a judge appeared on TV for a moment.
He appeared on not only Japanese TV, but also Russian TV!

I think Japanese level of Japanese learners of Ekaterinburg is very high.
I hope they will continue to enjoy learning Japanese, and...

Let's meet here again next year!!!